09 September 2008

what kind of "change" ?

for the past few years, somewhere between three-fifths and four-fifths of the people of the US have said that the nation is "off-track", should remove it's troops from Iraq, and focus it's government's energies on domestic issues more.

and yet nearly half of those surveyed who say they are registered and likely to vote,  support an elderly man with a long history of health and temperament issues, who endured over five years of physical and psychological confinement and torture, who has recently repudiated nearly every policy position he had just a few years ago, who selected to run alongside him a George W. Bush clone with lipstick, and up-do, and an even bigger bible to thump.

and this combination is supposed to bring the kind of "change" needed to correct the policies of the last seven years?

it would seem the american electorate is either very confused or inveterate liars.