26 September 2008

the value of "discipline"

DISCIPLINE, the key ingredient of 'character', without which any success will be temporary. no amount or combination of talent, intelligence, or charm can bring lasting achievement unless DISCIPLINE is included in sufficient quantity.

one candidate for President of the United States, has revealed through his career and most especially his campaign, an exceptional degree of DISCIPLINE. the other candidate takes pride in his reputation for being a "rebel/maverick", capable of doing the totally unexpected at any minute.

'Judgement' and 'Temperament' are reflections/manifestations of DISCIPLINE, the very opposite of "deciding with your gut" and "shooting from the hip". is it any wonder that as the rest of the world looks to the United States for dependable leadership, they overwhelming favor the 'bottom-up method of consensus building' of a "community organizer's" experience over that of another 'top-down, lone decider', "fighter pilot's"?