26 September 2008

1/2 of Americans Cannot Imagine...

i'd estimate that about half of the people (base voters) of the United States cannot possibly imagine the results of the Presidential election in 39 more days. on one side, to approximately 1/4 of consistent voters, the very idea of a black man (and 'liberal' Democrat to boot) becoming President, is a "reality" that requires them to embrace "hope" that something, anything, can and will "change" the electoral equation before the votes are tallied. by embracing such a "faith", they can continue to avoid facing the possibility.

the very same applies to the roughly 1/4 of consistent voters to whom the very idea that after 8 long years, yet another Republican 'jet pilot' (and 'more WAR advocate to boot) could become the next President, is a "reality" that requires them to embrace a "logic" that stipulates that their candidate should be two, three, or four times farther ahead in the polls than is currently. this "fear" of 'expecting tragic disappointment' is due to their conditioning from previous experiences, thus galvanizing them to embrace the mantra "not this time" (with fingers dutifully crossed)

over the next 39 days, one of these groups will have to be "conditioned" by the major media, to begin to "accept" the idea that what was unimaginable a few months or even weeks ago, is soon to become reality (like 1980). unless, the election is to be the third 'psyche-faith-logic' wrenching, polarizing, and agonizingly close contest in a row. if it is to be so, the SHOCK to millions of americans, on one side or the other, is going to have major consequences in the months/years following. (just as the last 8 years have shown)