26 September 2008

yet another 'million peso idea' ? Poll-erization

no, not the "razorback" condom again. (definitely for 'her pleasure', unless it's worn inside out) no, this idea may well not be profitable in the open market, but perhaps it could secure a government grant?

the polarization of the american populace, that i've both witnessed and read about for now 36 years and counting, is disturbing in it's projected consequences. (unless one believes that the United States replicating the bloodless breakup of the Soviet Union would do the future/world more good than harm)

the reported gulfs between urban/rural, rich/poor, young/old, religious/secular, nativist/globalist, and genders, races, regions, education levels, portend a coming "point of no return" where differences become irreconcilable. (if not already there)

thus, my idea: to form a national polling organization devoted to finding and reporting only those questions to which a large majority of each subset of many/most demographic groups are in agreement. i figure (pardon the pun) that 60% would be a proper benchmark.