15 November 2008

blame it on 'The Graduate' ?

or... it's all your fault Mike Nichols ?

"BIG OIL... are you trying to seduce me?"


i did something the other day that i do only once every year or so. i took a bath. with the intent to relax but realizing the opposite, as the white noise of the water hitting water sent my mind racing for fixation. it landed on "plastics". that one word from a movie long, long ago. and thus i began to count.

the shower nozzle (unused at the moment), the hot and cold water knobs, the shampoo bottle, the shower curtain, the rings securing the shower curtain, the crossbar for the flannels, my shaving razor, toothbrush, the handle on my mirror, the handle of my callous scrubber, the air vent grill, and finally the tub itself... all made of PLASTIC.

suddenly the words "carbon" and "footprint" took on a more disturbing meaning and i wondered what the price of OIL was today? i walked the mile to the corner store for my cigarettes instead of driving the car for 90 seconds. it isn't much, but it's a start.