15 November 2008

if only it were that simple... or perhaps it is ?

perhaps it should not be too terribly difficult to have a relatively successful Presidency? when the simple formula of 'WWWD?' (What Would 'W' Do?) is applied, do the opposite. Or for more accuracy use 'What 'W' Did' and do the opposite.

"W" sent troops overseas (bring 'em home)
"W" cut taxes on top incomes & hedge fund managers (raise 'em back)
"W" doubled the national debt (cut up the credit cards)
"W" subverted the Constitution (honor it)
"W" froze out Congress (thaw it)
"W" double-crossed the Russians (befriend 'em.. they have OIL)
"W" partisan-ized the DOJ (replace 'em)

ah, and the exception that proves the "rule" ?

well, "W" had SoS's that spent their adult lives taking orders and now Obama is reported to have offered that cabinet post to a politician who probably hasn't taken a single order or direction from anyone since Junior High School. (oh shit) or start another "war" when a rogue nation actually developed nukular weapons (oh double shit)