20 November 2008

C.H.A.N.G.E. "you can believe in" ?

'tis beginning to look as though "change" is but an acronym

Corrupt Hebrews And Networked Government Enablers

changing one set of unconditionally supporting Israel corrupt crony capitalists for another, is i guess "change". but not the kind i was expecting. one gets the impression that Obama is anticipating more wars and/or terrorist attacks.

Biden (enabler... see credit card co's, bankruptcy law, zionist)
Rahm (jewish... see Clinton, Camp David, Freddie Mac, IDF)
Clinton (enabler... see New York, Chertoff, "obliterate")
Holder (enabler... see Global Crossing, Winnick)
Pritzker (jewish... see Hyatt, Superior Bank)
Craig (enabler... see Helms, CIA, Phoenix Project)

Congressional Democrats apparently are following the trend as Joseph Lieberman is to retain his chairmanship of the Senate's Homeland Security Committee with Dianne Feinstein reported to soon take over the Senate Intelligence Committee chair. while the House voted today to install Henry Waxman as chairman of the House Energy & Commerce committee. hmmm, Energy AND Commerce?

Watch for Obama's choice to head the CIA. Jane Harman would continue the 'program'. also look for Dennis Ross in some top-level State Department capacity. and watch for the names chertoff, zalmay khalilzad, anthony lake, jamie gorelick, and robert wexler. they've got to land somewhere)

on the contrary and btw, whereinthehell is Samantha Power ?