21 November 2008

IF President Obama is truly smart ...

IF President Obama is as smart as i think he is, you will see one particular action/assertion during his first 100 days. it may require Congressional approval or perhaps just a stroke of his pen as an Executive Order. i'm not sure. but either way it will be both politically wise and the 'right thing to do'.


now is THE time. the times (demographics) are changing, both inside Cuba and in South Florida. to allow the Chinese to become Cuba's indispensable 'friend' by exploiting the embargo and the reconstruction/investment opportunities presented by three hurricane's devastation, would be another in a long line of US' stupid and petty mistakes.

politically speaking, the positive effects of ending the embargo of Cuba will more than offset the negatives among the older expatriot community in South Florida by 2012.

humanitarian/geographically wise, to utilize 'Dollar Diplomacy' in 2009 would assist Cuba's transition into the global capitalist community on terms favorable to the US (in a time of shared economic distress) that would benefit US commercial interests and the Cuban population simultaneously.