13 November 2008

i hereby submit... the G.A.W.D. 2009

i hereby submit a proposal/outline for a tax-increase to partially fund future Federal (and/or States ?) spending on INFRASTRUCTURE. whereby funding already existing road/rail/bridge construction or re-construction would serve to quickly stimulate the overall US economy, while simultaneously creating high-paying jobs, and leaving at it's conclusion a valuable, long-lasting, tangible national asset.

call it "the G.A.W.D." (the Get Americans Working Directive) ... just to further piss off those of the Religious Right who are still clinging to their guns and lower-taxes dogma. (after all, what elected official could vote against GAWD ?) ... and wouldn't paying more taxes to hire more americans into good paying jobs, making real, tangible things that americans use every day, in america (not outsourcable) be kinda... patriotic ?

the proposal ? implement a dedicated 25 cent increase in the Federal diesel/gasoline per gallon tax, at the rate of 5 cents per year for the next five years.

even if each State were to do the same it would still guarantee that motorists, by 2014 would be paying less for every gallon of fuel than they paid in early 2008 (sans Inflation, possible future Regulations, and Market fluctuations/Manipulations)

the tax mechanisms are already in place, no need for new bureaucracies, the plans are already drawn in every state, the construction companies already exist with workers already hired and standing ready to easily expand their operations creating something that will last for decades. (not to mention the correlating value of promoting automobile/truck/rail innovations, reductions in pollution, and alternative energy technologies)