13 November 2008

OPERATION: Destroy the UAW now in Final Phase ?

'twould seem that after three decades of deregulation, free-trade agreements, and outsourcing, the final phase of OPERATION: DESTROY THE U.A.W. (and any other Union that becomes a target of opportunity) is well underway. whilst also consolidating the banking industry into a replica of the oil industry, and simultaneously spending the US government and taxpayers into so much debt as to make reforming the health care insurance sector and restoring income tax levels for the top 1% back to Clinton or Reagan levels politically impossible.

i have a sneaking suspicion that President-Elect Obama would privately prefer that the re-organization via Chapter 11 of the BIG 3 automakers begin before 20Jan2009. it is counter-intuitive to his campaign 'message', yet it would serve to lower the base and build support for his 'pro-union' initiatives that are largely aimed at the service/retail sectors (the given being, that in US manufacturing, the union-bargained wage and benefits, especially health-care and pensions, are woefully disproportionate to international competitive advantage)

the current "bubble" in global capitalist commerce is in US Bonds. this will give way as the spending increases and the US deficit exceeds $1Trillion in 2009. i expect the creation of the next "bubble" to be in US Infrastructure spending. (more unionized, but also at lower wages/benefits)