01 December 2008

"George Was Right"

George Wallace that is... "there ain't a dime's worth of difference between the Democratic and Republican parties"

the PtB/DoR-R (powers that be/disciples of Rothschild-Rhodes) hath found themselves another willing and exceptionally able young hustler of humble-roots to mark the time before some other blue-blood gets to pad his resume'. and instead of another largely ineffectual but at least semi-moral Carter, we are to be treated to an amalgam of corrupt corporate cronyism that combines the worst of George Herbert Walker's 'realists', Bill Clinton's 'triangulating sophistry', and George W's 'top-down deficit spending' ? (why even a coupla-few Ronald Reagan re-treads sprinkled here and there. what, for flavor ?)

will Obama's "new dawn of the power of our moral example of american "leadership" become as big a lie as Bill Clinton's "the most ethical administration in history" ? only time will tell. but if "personnel IS policy" the odds are not good, for the record doth show that an unusually high percentage of folks who have worked with the Clintons, wind up wishing they had not.

historical references: in the last 100 years, during the formulation and inceptions (coincidentally of course) of the projection of American military overseas and the Federal Reserve...

T.Roosevelt (blue blood, *accidental?)
W.H. Taft (young hustler)
W. Wilson (young hustler)
W. Harding (young hustler)
C. Coolidge (blue blood w/o wealth, *accidental?)
H. Hoover (young hustler, former "wonderboy")
F.D. Roosevelt (blue blood & young hustler = bad combo)
H. Truman (young hustler)
D.D.Eisenhower (historical anomaly west point 4 stars, ala Grant)
J.F.Kennedy (new blue blood, young hustler combo again)
L.B. Johnson (young hustler)
R.M. Nixon (young hustler)
J.E. Carter (young hustler)
R.W. Reagan (young hustler, late starter, political career began in '66)
G.H.W. Bush (blue blood)
W.J. Clinton (young hustler)
G.W. Bush (blue blood, young non(?)-hustler)
B.H. Obama (young hustler)