03 September 2009

3 Sept 09 wonderful day

muleboy horoscope for 3Sep2009 (tyvm BA)...Get ready, because you always do better when you are prepared. Big opportunities should be on the way and they are moving fast. To catch this train you have to start running before it arrives to keep pace. A well-timed move today can take you for a long ride. (hope 'a long ride' isn't THE long ride :)
before (as is) ............... after(projected)

"Happiness ain't nothin' more than havin' some'n to look forward to" ... Robert Duvall, 'A Family Thing' (penned by Billy Bob Thornton)... may well be the truest words i've ever heard. and while it ain't a Porsche (gotta leave some'n more to look forward to oui?) it's close enough for me (for now : )

4 months, 400 hours, 5spd, 4 shame?

to keep a proper balance in life, perhaps every now and then it is necessary to do something nonsensical (though with effort it can be rationalized as well)

thus what began in early May of 2009 as an online search for a bicycle, culminated 3Sept,after a 400hour+ quest, in the purchase of a 15 year old luxury coupe.

a professional economist would decry the quest due to the 'opportunity costs' of my valuable time not utilized more productively (and indeed, one used car dealer did explode when i informed him how much fun i was having looking and had been doing so for over 3 months) but to me the joy of the hunt and the seeming superiority (so far) of the kill more than compensates for any intangible expense (especially when the value of not reading more of MJ is factored in. under that circumstance alone i've already made a profit)

i learned ('re-learned') a great deal about the world and myself during the quest. being a 'great shopper' isn't considered to be very macho or even patriotic in today's culture (especially in Texas?) but i still take pride in it and see it as but part and parcel of being 'solitary, sedentary, and contrary, with an intense, some would say 'fearful', aversion to commitment)

and now one 'quest' hath ended and another begun. a commitment made, and the 'having some'n to look forward to' self-limited to making the most of an acquisition in lieu of 'the' acquisition.

it feels like "change", both scary and exciting. well worth the four grand i'd say (so far :)